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Gilpin County Bondsman

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Gilpin County Jail

Gilpin County Jail Phone: (303) 582-1060

2960 Dory Hill Rd, Black Hawk, CO 80422

The Gilpin County Detentions Division consists of the Jail, Court Security, Inmate programs and work release programs.  The Gilpin County Justice Center was opened September 1995.  Detentions were the first to move into the new building with patrol moving in the second phase and then dispatch in the third phase. 


The Detention Facility can house 55 inmates.  When construction of this building was being done the county also received plans for expansion of the jail, if the need arises.  This expansion would bring the housing capacity to approximately 75 inmates.  The Detentions Facility has a staff of 17 full time sworn employees, 1 part-time sworn employee, 3 full time civilian Community Service Officers, and  3 kitchen staff.


The kitchen provides meals for the inmates as well as the senior citizens of Gilpin County.  The kitchen staff prepares meals for the meals-on-wheels program as well as having luncheons in the community room at the rec center.  


The county contracts the medical care of inmates with a private company, which provides 24/7 coverage for the healthcare of the inmates.  We utilize the doctors and nurses in routine and emergency care, however, if it is a life-threatening emergency we call the Gilpin County Ambulance and transport the inmate to a hospital.  


Detention Facility Philosophy


The purpose of the Gilpin County Detention Facility is to protect the public by incarcerating, in a cost-effective manner, accused and adjudicated adult offenders in a safe, secure and humane facility in order to: 


Ø     Assure court appearances of those accused of unlawful behavior prior to adjudication.

Ø     Administer court-ordered sanctions to those convicted of crimes.

Ø     Participate in the coordination of the criminal justice system.


The philosophy of the Gilpin County Detention Facility is based on the following assumptions: 


Ø     Incarceration is punishment, in and of itself.

Ø     All inmates and staff will be held accountable for their actions.

Ø    The opportunity for community integration for accused and adjudicated offenders will be offered through humane programs and services.


Correctional management and personnel of the Gilpin County Detention Facility, trained to professional standards, are committed to operating the facility to assure the preservation of the basic human rights of the incarcerated as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Colorado, the federal laws, and the policies and procedures of the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office. 


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