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Larimer County Bondsman

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Larimer County Jail

Larimer County Jail Phone: (970) 498-5200

2405 Midpoint Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525

COVID-19 Precautions in the Jail

The jail has many policies and procedures in place at all times related to communicable diseases and inmates experiencing health issues.  All new inmates are screened by on-site medical staff prior to being placed in a housing unit.

In response to COVID-19 and following the guidelines of Larimer County Health and Environment, the jail has implemented a housing unit for incoming inmates to help maintain the health of all inmates and staff.

New inmates are sent to a housing pod for 14 days after the booking process.  These inmates are housed in cells and monitored for symptoms of illness.  They are allowed out of their cells on hourly rotations to help maintain physical distancing ratios during the monitoring period.  If an inmate presents with symptoms of an illness, they are isolated in a different area of the jail as necessary.  Inmates with symptoms are provided medical treatment to include hospitalization if necessary.

Each inmate is issued two masks to wear while in the jail - one to wear and one to wash.  If requested, they will be issued additional masks.  Inmates are encouraged to take the masks with them when they are released from the jail.

Inmates are sent to general housing assignments after the 14-day period if they do not have symptoms of an illness.

The Jail Division is commanded by Captain Timothy Palmer, whose primary responsibility is to provide general management, direction and supervision to the division.

The Jail Division consists of Operations, Logistics, Planning and Compliance, and Maintenance sections.


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