Domestic violence is one of the most persistent social ills in Colorado. Nearly one in six women report that an intimate partner, usually a spouse, has injured them in some way. That figure is unacceptably high. As a result, police officers can sometimes be very aggressive when they respond to domestic disturbance calls. Additionally, Colorado prosecutors can be very aggressive in their prosecution charges as well.

So, one spouse does not have the right to drop assault charges at any point. Even if a Wife tells police officers that she called them by mistake and there was no assault, a Husband will most likely spend the night in jail. Later, when the case goes to court, one spouse cannot drop domestic violence charges against another spouse.

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Domestic Assault Procedures in Colorado

Normally, when officers respond to disturbance calls, they are taking at least one party to jail. Most local law enforcement agencies have mandatory arrest policies. Officers will investigate the matter then arrest the person they believe is responsible for the fight. Generally, that person will spend at least twenty-four hours behind bars.